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Difficult to make a choice for your new Professional Fryer? We wrote this Special Professional Fryer buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Professional Fryer!

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Professional fryer buying guide

Buying Guide: Making the Right Choice When Buying a Professional Deep Fryer

When buying a large or small appliance, you must always take into account the space available for storage, but also its end use. In professional catering, the choice of kitchen equipment such as the fryer is based in particular on the power, but also on the efficiency of the appliance. If you are a restaurateur, you should therefore know all the technical and practical details of this cooking equipment for frying and snacking before investing in it.

What is a professional fryer

Originally, the professional fryer was intended for making French fries. Only a slight subtlety distinguishes this traditional fryer machine. Its real advantage is that it can quickly increase the temperature of the oil to cook food for frying. You will therefore have a container composed of a heating container where you can pour the oil, a source of energy and a thermostat for controlling the temperature of the oil bath.
The pro fryer is also designed to meet the requirements of restaurateurs in terms of kitchen equipment. This is the reason why the hygiene and safety standards for this purpose are strict in order to ensure high performance. First to reduce the depreciation costs of the stainless steel fryer and second to be able to reuse the frying oil, without altering the taste of the food thus cooked.

Fryer models available on the market

A professional kitchen like a laboratory is rarely expandable. To meet the expectations of catering professionals like you, brands compete in options and features and of course in models to be the top. Among the types of fryers, the most used are therefore the professional electric fryer to stand, the model on feet, the oil-free fryer for snacks such as donuts, churro and chichi.

The first selection is made for the counter and includes 1 to 2 baskets, powered by gas or electricity. The second can display up to 3 bins. The high efficiency electric fryer is attractive considering its frying capacity.

The benefit of food

In your best interests, you must consider how you feed your fryer. To do this, you need to know how to choose your energy source. In short, you have the choice between electric fryers and those that operate on gas.

Electric fryers

The electric fryer is equipped with a rectangular, square or round tank, heated by a resistance. The advantage of the latter is to have an adjustable temperature to the nearest degree. In some cases you will be able to choose the individual temperature of each cooking vat. By doing this, you will have several types of frying at different temperatures.

Gas fryers

The gas supply is advantageous when purchasing a fryer. But in this case, it is rather a question of the burner which heats the tank. This range consumes less energy. This is the ideal solution for saving money in the long run. However, some establishments must only use electrical appliances due to the safety standards of the building where they are located.

The choice of power and capacity

The choice of the capacity and the power of a deep fryer are interdependent. As a result, you will find models ranging from 2 kW of power to more than 90 kW. The same is true for the fried capacity.

The power

The power of a deep fryer is judged in kW per kg. Therefore, choose it according to the quantity of fries you plan to produce.

If frying is not your main activity, opt instead for a small fryer that will allow you to prepare between 500g and 1kg of fries per batch, at the rate of 3kw of energy to spend. The 5kw models will be recommended for cooking more than 1.5kg of fries. The minimum power for a device with 2 bins of one kilogram each will be 6kw.

You can also refer to the power of the machine based on the amount of oil. A power of 0.7kW is required for 1l of oil. 5l will therefore require a power of 3.5kW.

The capacity

Regarding the capacity of this catering equipment, the performance of a professional fryer also depends on the volume of production. Besides the number of bins it has, you should also know the size and capacity of each tank. While some models have up to 5 tanks, others only offer one. These are recommended for establishments where fried foods are only a small part of the menu.
The size of the containers is variable, ranging from 4l to 12l. A small fryer will be more than enough for one-off needs.
As a guide, a professional fryer with a capacity of 3-4l can produce up to 7kg of fries per hour. That of 5l allows you to obtain 10kg of frying. A maxi fryer with a capacity of 8 to 10 liters on the other hand can fry 15 to 18 kg of French fries. If it is a 15l container, you will get 25kg of fries in one hour.

The different functions of the fryer

For the maintenance of your kitchen utensils, cleaning is essential. In this regard, the manufacturers offer the option of the drain valve to facilitate the maintenance of this kitchen equipment. Thanks to this emptying feature, emptying the tanks and then filling them again is simple, fast and completely secure.
If there are pieces of food that come off during cooking, a cold zone is specially designed to prevent them from charring. This part of the heating pan is not subjected to the eddies of the cooking oil on the resistance. So you have two thermal layers in the same oil bath.

The price of a professional fryer

The budget to plan for the purchase of a fryer also depends on the power, capacity and existing features on each model. For a professional kitchen, several models are available. For a 1400W fryer and an infrared halogen heating system, count around 140 euros. Multifunction and stainless models are sold from 71 euros. You can also find this kitchen equipment from 65 euros with a power of 3000W and a timer without forgetting the option of the multi-bowl.

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