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Difficult to make a choice for your new Amber Rum? We wrote this Special Amber Rum buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Amber Rum!

Our selection of dark rum

Amber rum buying guide

There are dozens of brands of dark rum on the market that it can be tricky to choose from. Connoisseurs know how to select the emblematic brands, but to guide you better, we have an article that helps you choose the best dark rum that matches your personal taste.

The production of dark rum and its tasting

The Dark rum comes from the distillation of molasses derived from the sugar industry or made directly from pure cane juice. It is the phenomenon of evaporation that gives them their unique flavor and that stabilizes their alcohol content. Dark rum is a very mild alcoholic drink, even sweet with a woody or fruity touch depending on the brand.

Dark rum is a rather special choice. It is less alcoholic than white rum even in an agricultural version. By comparing the different amber rums sold on the market, we can easily see that amber contains up to 20% less alcohol than white rum.

The best brands of dark rum often offer different flavors, including vanilla. This drink owes its name to its color between caramel and very luminous golden, which is obtained only by a long-lasting maceration process in oak barrels. This traditional technique requires the know-how of professional preparers, because it often guarantees a premium quality rum. By the way, a price comparison of dark rum bottles will show you a very wide price range. 

  • Traditional amber rum : the traditional manufacture in oak barrels of this rum gives it an exceptional aroma and perfectly balanced flavors. It surprises with its very mild taste despite a fairly high alcohol volume of between 40 and 50%. An alcohol content test allows you to determine the perfect type of use for this category of rum.
  • Agricultural amber rum: the phenomenon of evaporation on the pure cane juice gives birth to a rum with astonishing and remarkable taste quality. Flavor and color vary significantly from brand to brand, as each producer has their own manufacturing process with a precise distillation time of 12-24 months. Some vintages have a " designation of origin ".

How to choose the best dark rum?

The origin

Dark rum can come from different producing countries. If you choose to impress your guests, go for a prestigious brand of rum from England, Canada, South America, the Canaries, Indian Ocean Islands, Australia, etc.

The distillation method

After the fermentation process comes the distillation process. Several techniques are used including column, still or mixed distillation. The difference is subtle, but the quality really comes from refining the rum by combining several methods.

The aging environment

Rums only get their beautiful color once in aging barrel. Indeed, it is the Oak wood in which is made the barrel that achieves this straw and golden color. Also, when doing a comparison, you will undoubtedly notice that dark rum that ages in tropical climates does not have the same potency as a product that is kept in a cooler region.


When tasting, amber rums very often contain fruity or spicy notes. It is the responsibility of the aroma, fragrance and flavor arrangers, of find an amber rum which could match the tastes of the general public. Before buying an amber rum or deciding which amber rum would suit your aperitif, it is best to do a very simple taste test during a tasting session. 


It is strongly recommended to choose your dark rum according to the use you want to make of it. So don't buy or give away dark rum without knowing if it will fit in a cocktail. The very fragrant notes and the very colorful color of amber rum make it an ideal component for Cuba Libre, Mamboco or Angostura. The power on the palate of some brands of dark rum is not for everyone. Sweet, fruity, woody or spicy flavors are very popular as an aperitif or digestive. The vintages which are generally old amber rum kept for at least 6 years are reserved for special occasions or for true connoisseurs.

How to drink dark rum?

Before learning to taste a quality amber rum, it is necessary above all to approach the way in which it should be served. In a carafe or in a bottle, premium amber rum is drunk on its own to regain all of its aroma and style.

You can also prepare simple homemade cocktails with dark rum, for example by pairing it with a soft drink or an energy drink. There is another less popular way to taste the dark rum : by infusing it in a hot drink such as coffee or chocolate. Rum can also be heated and then served with butter or honey or ginger powder for a more pronounced spicy note.

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