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Difficult to make a choice for your new Salad Spinner? We wrote this Special Salad Spinner buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, nous avons fait le maximum pour vous aider à choisir la meilleure Essoreuse à Salade !

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Salad Spinner Buying Guide

Wringing out salad leaves can quickly become a time-consuming task, especially when there are a lot of them and when you're pressed for time. To remedy this, there are wringers salad very effective. On the other hand, we must admit that the multiplicity of existing models does not make the choice at all easy. So here are some things to consider in this article.

The different types of salad spinners

All the salad spinners may look alike, but are not the same. The difference turns out to be especially in the spinning system.

The piston wringer

The various comparisons made show that this is one of the salad spinners the most courted. It is easy to use and most of the time has a fairly soft design. Beyond this aspect, the piston allows a relatively fast spinning and without great effort. A single light pressure on the wrist released from the safety, and the spin is carried out. Also, when we do the tests, we easily notice that despite the power of the piston wringer, it is quite easy, with a simple brake button, to stop the spin. Which is very practical.

The twine wringer

The twine wringer, or even the cord wringer as some call it, is the most classic and works with a string. To activate it, it is very simple. Just pull on the thread. This gesture allows you to turn the basket to wring out the salad leaves in a suitable way. However, it is recommended not to pull very hard on the wire so as not to break it.

The electric wringer

This is the novelty currently in vogue on the market. Unlike other wringer models, this latter requires little or no effort. This is due to the automatic rotation system which allows the basket to be rotated at the push of a button. There are electric models that even allow you to select the speed. This can be very handy for killing some bacteria. Also, the electric wringer has batteries that are very easy to replace. However, the small constraint ofwringer salad electric, it forces the user to keep their hand pressed on the button during the entire spin process.

The crank wringer

Hand cranked wringers work quite simply. Just put the leaves in the basket, close the lid and activate the crank usually placed on the side or above the lid. However, the tests carried out show that this mechanism is quite taxing on the arm and the shoulder which are extremely stressed. Beyond this aspect, the crank makes it more difficult to store it.

Salad Spinner Purchase Criteria

The primary function of thewringer salad is of course to remove any water remaining on the leaves after washing. Beyond this aspect, certain criteria must be taken into account.


Apart from the practical side of a product, its aesthetic aspect should be taken into account. Indeed, thewringer salad far from remaining hidden, can be placed permanently in an accessible corner of the kitchen, or for certain, directly on a dining table. Considering therefore the fact that it is quite likely that it will not escape the gaze of your guests, it is essential to ensure its aesthetics. It will only help to make it better.


There is no point in buying a utensil if it cannot be used. With the various tests carried out, it is preferable to opt for wringers with a non-slip bottom. They are better, do not fall off during use and avoid straining. However, they involve the use of a single button, both to start and to end the spin. It is also important to ensure that each function is useful. Besides, some salad spinners can be used to cut or grate. Most bowls can be used at the table as a salad bowl.

The spin system

The spin system is different from one wringer model to another. However, it is important to take this point into account because it is on it that the comfort of use of your utensil will depend. So the best spin system will be the one that allows you to spin the basket as quickly as possible while spending as little energy as possible.

The interview

The interview is the other aspect to take into account. All the salad spinners don't talk the same way. It is therefore important to review the various constraints that this implies. From a design point of view, it must be said that wringers are not the easiest utensils to maintain. So if possible take the trouble to find out about this aspect. Because, the goal is to provide as little effort as possible, and not to increase the number of tasks to be done. It should be noted that some models, with the comparisons made, have the possibility of being cleaned in the dishwasher.  

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