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Difficult to make a choice for your new Stainless Steel Steamer? We wrote this special buying guide Stainless steel Steamer to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Stainless Steel Steamer!

Our selection of stainless steel steamer

Stainless steel steamer buying guide

The stainless steel steamer is appreciated for its particularly healthy cooking method: steam cooking. It preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of food. This device is available in various models. To find the one that meets all your expectations, use our buying guide with our selection of the top 10 best stainless steel steamers. We have carried out a whole series of tests and comparisons in order to recommend the best steamer to you.

Steamer: principle of operation

This is a cooking appliance electric or not, which allows steam food. It consists of one or more baskets stacked on top of each other. It is thus possible to cook several foods at the same time with this appliance. When the steamer is on, the water is brought to a boil and the steam is released into all compartments. In addition, the transparent models allow you to easily and instantly monitor cooking. More practical, some cookers equipped with a timer offer you the possibility of programming the cooking and going about other occupations. Note that the steam cooking is usually done at a gentle temperature of 80 ° at most.

A steamer for healthy and quick cooking

the steaming is recommended by doctors and dieticians for several years. Recognized by many nutritionists as being the healthiest, this cooking method requires no fat. It also allows retain all the nutrients found in food, which is not the case with other cooking methods. In fact, unlike cooking in the oven, casserole, pan and boiling water, the temperature is limited with a steamer. This cooks the food at a low temperature, so as to preserve all their minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

In addition, the texture of fruits and vegetables is preserved. They keep an unparalleled crunchy consistency. Their taste is also very pronounced, contrary to what is said. You will find the true taste of vegetables even if you cook different varieties together. Thanks to steam cooking, fish and meat also retain all their flavors. In addition, the device is appreciated for its ability to dissolve fat in meats instead of burning them like a barbecue would. Steaming is thus beneficial for health.

In addition, the steamer is ideal for making delicious purees or concentrated fruit juices. You can also enhance the flavor of your dishes by adding broth, herbs, spices or onions to the water to form the vapor. Its flavors will infuse into the food to be cooked to flavor and flavor your preparations.

In addition, a steamer is easy to use. Just fill its reservoir with water, bring the water to a boil, then place the foods you want to cook in the baskets. Then you select the cooking time via a button or an LCD screen and wait for the end of cooking.

The autonomy of the device is also a significant asset. Once you have programmed your steamer for the foods you want to cook, all you have to do is wait. At the end of cooking, the appliance stops automatically, an audible and visual signal will warn you. By using a steamer, you benefit from a healthy and gentle cooking without having to carry out many manipulations and without having to regularly monitor the cooking.

In addition, the steamer is suitable for fruits and vegetables as well as meats, fish, poultry, and even soft desserts. Some models can also be used for cook rice and others act as a pressure cooker.

Furthermore, steaming is fast. Note, however, that the cooking time varies depending on the foods you want to cook, their weight and thickness. It also depends on whether they are fresh or thawed. Cooking chicken meat, for example, will take 30 minutes, while fish will be ready in just 10 minutes. It will also depend on whether you want to have crunchy or tender vegetables, whether the meat is over cooked or medium.

Why choose a stainless steel steamer

The material that makes up the steamer plays an important role.The plastic contains bisphenol A.This chemical component considered to be an endocrine disruptor is released under the effect of heat.Stainless steel, for its part, contains carbon.Thanks to its special composition, this material is strong and resistant to corrosion and rust.Added to that is its ability to retain heat.Stainless steel is indeed an excellent thermal conductor.As a result, stainless steel steamers allow you to make delicious, healthy and flavorful preparations.In addition, this material guarantees better physical resistance and optimal durability while improving the capabilities of the steamer.On the other hand, you will not be able to constantly monitor the cooking of your food if your steamer is made entirely of stainless steel.Note, however, that this is only a detail if the device has the Auto-off function.

How to choose the best stainless steel steamer?

To cook healthily and in the best possible way, you simply need the best steamer. An approach that is made with reference to certain selection criteria.

The capacity

Capacity is one of the criteria to take into account when choosing your stainless steel steamer. Available in 2-bowl and 3-bowl models, this quintessential cooking appliance is suitable for large families as well as for medium-sized families. Thus, a steamer with a capacity of 4 L to 6 L is suitable for a family of 3 or 4 people. A family of 8 people will find what they need in a steamer with a larger total capacity (9 L or 10 L). There are also large capacity cookers of 12 L dedicated to a family of 10 people or more.

The features offered

To steam more conveniently, the presence of the Keep warm function is also decisive. At the end of cooking, the kitchen utensil activates automatically so that you can enjoy your meal when you want and at the right temperature (70 to 75 ° C).
There are also models offering the automatic shutdown function. It is the guarantor of healthy, dietetic cuisine that respects certain cooking methods. This function also ensures optimum safety and durability for the cooking appliance.
Also, opt for a steamer with a timer. With this option, you will be able to adjust the cooking times, to make sure you retain certain nutrients and eliminate fat. Also use the Delayed Start function to start steaming at a specific time. So when you get home from shopping or the office, you can be sure you have your meal ready.

The power of your stainless steel steamer

The power of the steamer should also be checked. An appliance displaying a minimum of 600 W will guarantee a reduced cooking time for you. Top-of-the-range models from the biggest brands like Seb, Magimix, or even Wmf offer a power of up to 2000 W for even faster steam cooking like a pressure cooker.

A glass cover

A stainless steel steamer with a glass lid can also be very practical. You will be able to follow the progress of cooking, with the possibility of stopping it at any time according to your way of concocting given dishes. Above all, this model allows you to cook healthy foods that retain all the nutrients, including vitamin C and vitamin A.

Choosing the best stainless steel steamer

The best stainless steel steamer is also the one that offers you undeniable practicality.

Cleaning and storage

Opt for a steamer that is easy to clean and store. This is to make sure that the bowls, steamer baskets, verrines and the lid are dishwasher safe. In the process, you will also appreciate a compact device, whose stackable bowls can be arranged like Russian dolls, to avoid clutter.

A multicooker

The wide variety of components makes your appliance a true multicooker. For example, a Seb steamer or a Braun steamer offers verrines to concoct your starters and desserts. Also cook your fish, thanks to a special non-stick fish grill. On other models from well-known brands such as Tefal, Magimix, Moulinex and Russell Hobbs, the visible water level in the tank ensures ease of use. This type of multifunction robot also has egg support cells which are embedded in a grid.

Reheat the dishes with your stainless steel steamer

Your stainless steel steamer also allows you to heat your dishes via the bain-marie cooking mode. Take advantage of this possibility by opting for an appliance, the steam baskets of which are deep enough to receive a container such as a bowl, a plate, a tajine dish or even a couscoussier. In 10 minutes maximum, your dishes will be ready to be tasted.

A real rice cooker

Your stainless steel steamer can also be used as a rice cooker.A possibility that will be offered to you with a cooking appliance equipped with a rice bowl or a steamer basket with a capacity of 1 L.Alternatively, you can also use a classic container that you put in the first steam bowl, or in a spacious compartment.In the case of a plastic dish, make sure that it is guaranteed to be bisphenol A (BPA) free and resists heat well (tupperware type).Finally, to cook the rice well, use the measuring cup.For a dose of rice, add a dose and a half of water, and do not forget to put water in the tank at the bottom of your steamer.

Cooking in foil

If you are a fan of cooking in foil, you can also indulge yourself by using your stainless steel steamer. In practice, preheat your steam oven to 210 ° C before cooking the food in the steam basket. Remember to close the papillote airtight for optimal steam cooking. In addition, with your stainless steel steamer, you can use various types of paper (aluminum foil, banana leaves, cabbage leaves, or even baking paper).

How to use and maintain a steamer?

To cook with a steamer, nothing could be simpler! Fill the jar with water, place your meats, vegetables and fruits in the appropriate compartments, activate the timer according to the type of food to be cooked, then start cooking. It is better to put in a small amount of water and add more as you go. This allows for faster cooking. It is also advisable to put food which cooks longer near the boiling water compartment.

To ensure that your steamer works optimally, it is also important to adopt certain habits. For example, you need to prepare your appliance for the next cooking. When the water in the kettle begins to boil, it will take about 2 minutes before putting your food on the sieve. This eliminates volatile gasolines such as chlorine. If you want quick cooking, consider cutting the vegetables into two very thin pieces. All the nutritional qualities present will thus be better preserved.

To optimize the performance of your stainless steel steamer and extend its life, it is essential to clean after each use. Food debris must be removed for the cooker to operate properly and ensure better cooking quality. To do this, cleaning by hand with a damp cloth is recommended. Note, however, that some models are dishwasher safe. Finally, it is necessary to regularly descale with white vinegar.

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