Manual activity for children: how about cooking?

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To spark children's interest in cooking and food in general, there is nothing better than involving them in a fun activity revolving around the theme of cooking. By playing a role in the preparation of the meal, they will have acquired new skills, but also new knowledge!

How to ensure the cooking activity with your child?

The most delicious manual activity and the most appreciated by children is obviously cooking. To do this, we start by freeing up a whole morning for this activity and we involve the children from the choice of the recipe. The choice can be made froma classic cookbook, but parents can also ask them what they want to bake, cupcakes? Crepes ? In short, we will have to give them the choice. It is also great to take the children out for groceries so that they know what ingredients are needed to make the dish they are going to cook. Making a small list together should help ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Before starting the activity, you will of course have to remember to clean the work table and all the surfaces that will be used for the session. It will also be necessary to put all the ingredients, kitchen utensils and other accessories that could be used for the operation. Note that it is important to manage access to hotplates, knives and the oven, especially if children are under 10 years old.

How do you go about preparing meals?

children's creative hobbies1Depending on the recipe chosen, you should start by putting all the materials and ingredients to use in plain view and then wash your hands with the children, this should help them in toilet training.Before getting down to business, read the recipe aloud so that everyone can understand the steps to follow.We also take the opportunity to explain the somewhat complex terms and words they may not understand.Depending on their skills, it is possible to prioritize the tasks.In particular, children can wash and peel certain fruits and vegetables such as bananas, grapefruits, etc.They can also squeeze fruits such as oranges and lemons to extract juice and shred lettuce.They can also take care of measuring ingredients such as flour, sugar, etc.parents can also ask the children to crack the eggs, roll out the dough or even knead them if it is not too hard.Once the session is over, the children will have to participate in cleaning the kitchen and even wipe the dishes after washing.

By participating in this kind ofmanual activity, the child will feel valued and will have acquired new skills. This type of activity should encourage him to discover new flavors, to cultivate his taste for good, healthy meals and above all, to appreciate the moments shared with his family.