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Difficult to make a choice for your new Charcoal Barbecue? We wrote this special charcoal barbecue buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Charcoal Barbecue!

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Charcoal barbecue buying guide

With the plethora of barbecues on the market today, it's pretty complicated to find the right model when you finally decide to buy one. The uninitiated may find it difficult to deal with this cooking device which is completely unknown to you. However, if it is a wood-fired barbecue, you can base your choice on the few criteria listed below.

The design of the barbecue

Today several varieties of charcoal grills exist and it is clear that choice can be a problem without the right benchmarks. However, these devices have points of difference that allow them to be distinguished and classified. And one of those criteria is their design. By taking this detail into account, which, by the way, is not to be minimized, you already have a benchmark that directs you to the model that meets the use you want to make of it.
In general, wood-fired barbecues have the particularity of bringing a unique flavor to your grills, unlike electric or gas barbecues. However, due to their design, you may find some advantages in using one specific model over another.

The portable barbecue or nomad barbecue

Before choosing your charcoal barbecue, determine for what use you will predestine it. By having in mind what you plan to use it, you will already have an idea of ??the size (large or compact) and the options that would be useful to you (foldable, on wheels or on stand).
If you are considering several places in your garden where you could grill a few ribs or sausages, you have two options: either go for a free-standing or collapsible barbecue, or you decide to buy a table barbecue. For the first choice, carefully check the build quality to see how strong and stable it is if impacted against someone or something.

Materials used in manufacturing

If you are looking for charcoal barbecue which offers the best quality at a low price, only one criterion should come to mind: the materials that make up the device as a whole. Indeed, they are decisive when choosing. By being aware of this clue, you can decide in advance on a specific model.
Certainly, a wood-fired barbecue can consist of several elements. However, focus on robustness by identifying materials that can improve the longevity of the device such as cast iron, steel and stainless steel. These metals are usually present, especially on important barbecue components and accessories.

The cooking surface or cooking grid

The grill is an important component that can influence your decision, because there are several variations: cast iron grill, steel grill, enamelled cast iron grill and enamelled steel grill. Depending on how often you use your barbecue, the material is an important detail.
Also be sure to closely observe the quality of the cooking grid. In this sense, you must see its thickness as well as the diameter of the steel rods that compose it. A minimum caliber of 5 mm is necessary for the food to cook perfectly. Indeed, they can only release the heat of the fuel by having a good size to capture it above all.


The most suitable for a better longevity of your device is to choose a cast iron tank. This allows you to use charcoal or wood for fuel. In addition, cast iron is a metal with good thermal capacity, that is to say, an ability to store heat better than any other alloy.


Most of charcoal barbecues have a steel or stainless steel lid that retains evaporations from food and at the same time enhances their tastes with a delicious fragrance. But the main function of this component is above all to protect your preparation from the rain.

The ash pan

Since you are going to be using wood or charcoal as fuel, it is certain that your device must be equipped with a sheet steel ash pan. Without it, you could have a hard time maintaining your barbecue.

Ergonomics in use

To find the charcoal barbecue that meets your requirements, you can make it easier for yourself by deducing which model is more practical for you. The presence of an ash pan is already a good point that will prevent you from using a blower to clear the combustion residues. Also, don't forget to note the presence of an oil and fat recuperator resulting from cooking.
In addition, also favor a charcoal barbecue which has an adjustable grid in height. This will make you more comfortable with some cooking. This is also an option that you should have when you first sear your meat, then finish cooking over low heat by raising the grill. If it is not available, you still have the option of adjusting the heat by changing the amount of charcoal heated.

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