Top 10 Best Kenwood Ice Cream Maker 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Kenwood Ice Cream Maker? We wrote this Kenwood Ice Cream Maker Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Kenwood Ice Cream Maker!

Our selection of kenwood ice cream maker

Kenwood Ice Cream Maker Buying Guide

You want to make ice cream, sorbets or ice cream at home, but you do not yet have the necessary appliance. Do not panic. We have put together a short guide for you in this comparison to lead you to the right device. This is the Kenwood Ice Cream Maker. There are many brands and models on the market with common but also specific features. We chose the Kenwood brand for a number of reasons. After reading this post, you will know how to choose the best ice cream maker to be able to prepare creamy and delicious ice cream.

Brief history of the Kenwood brand

Kenwood is an English household appliance brand founded in the 18th century by Kenneth Wood. The company's earliest products were toasters and beaters which were very popular with the public. Around 1950, the company launched its first multifunction robot with immediate success. Kenwood household appliance products then spread beyond England. Today, European countries are also seduced by this brand, which has over a century of experience. Among the appliances is the Kenwood ice cream maker.

An overview of the ice cream maker

An ice cream maker is a device with a detachable tub that makes it easy and quick to prepare ice cream, frozen yogurt and homemade sorbets. To do this, simply prepare the necessary mixture in the bowl and then place it in the ice cream maker which will do the rest.
With its homemade style, your ice creams are tastier with the dosage you want since all the cards are in your hands. Whether you are starting out for the first time in the preparation of homemade ice cream or if you already have a little experience in the field, the ice cream maker is recommended for this purpose. From the range of products available on the market, we recommend the Kenwood ice cream maker.

The basic functions of an ice cream maker

The ice cream maker, regardless of the brand, has common features, including the existence of a detachable bowl to prepare the ice cream mixture. It is also equipped with a paddle mixer for redistribution of cold for a homogeneous texture. As for the dosage, the ice cream maker allows you to create the mixture as you wish without constraints or limits. So you can overdo it and taste different sherbets than what you are used to eating when you buy in a jar.
However, it should be remembered that the success of your sorbets depends above all on your know-how. Expect a few small setbacks without getting discouraged. You have a constant device that allows you to start over as many times as you want. This does not in any way affect the quality of the ice cream maker if you have made the right choice of the appliance as with the Kenwood ice cream maker for example.

Some optional functions

After the basic functions come the optional functions which can improve the quality of the ice cream maker. Thus, the models can be equipped with an "automatic stop" function to avoid you having to monitor the preparation until the end. The ice cream maker can also be equipped with a timer to program in advance the time required for preparation. An audible signal is sent when the preparation is ready to be put in the freezer.
Otherwise, there is the "pause" function which allows you to stop the appliance from time to time to check the creaminess of your ice cream. Added to this is an LCD screen which allows better control of the preparation via data that is easy to decrypt.
The "integrated cooling unit" function can also help to make your appliance dual-purpose. Not only does it allow you to prepare ice cream but also to put the preparation made in the cold without you having to move it to the freezer. Your sorbets can then be immediately tasted.
Finally, the best ice cream maker such as the Kenwood ice cream maker, favorite of this review, can be equipped with two tanks which allow you to make two different flavors simultaneously. No need to empty the tank to place the second mixture.

Some criteria to take into account

To choose a quality ice cream maker, you need to consider the points listed above and take the test. To these points must be added the power of the device which must be sufficient to allow you a successful preparation. Also take into account the size of the ice cream maker which varies between 4 and 10 kg with more or less space. By opting for a designer model, you don't have to worry about storage. The Kenwood ice cream maker may very well occupy a visible place in your kitchen.
Finally, for better appliance maintenance, it is always advisable to opt for an ice cream maker with a detachable bowl. This makes cleaning easier.

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