Deli meats, a pleasure to share on all occasions

Charcuterie is rooted in the French gastronomic tradition just like cheese and good wine. Ideal for sharing good times of conviviality, it invites itself at all times of your life for gluttony and sharing.

The charcuterie sublimated on your plate

White ham, chipolata with herbs, filet mignon and smoked ham or even rillettes, the world of charcuterie is filled with delicious creations to fill your eyes and taste buds. For a quick meal, but also to enhance your recipes and enhance them, the charcuterie does not shrink from any challenge.

For a delicious raclette or for a good stew, you will absolutely need to provide yourself with quality charcuterie. And if you are looking for the top of the basket, know that it is possible to feast at will with the products of choice from La Louvrie charcuterie

The munchies friend

A slice of bread, a knob of butter and a delicious slice of ham sprinkled with pickles, we all have at one time or another succumb to the calls of gluttony. 

Charcuterie is the ideal ally to fill a little hunger pang or to get back on your feet after a rather drunken evening. This is a quick and delicious trick to indulge yourself without having to go behind the stove and despite everything, the charcuterie retains all its charm.

Ideal meal during getaways in the middle of nature

The main advantage of cold cuts is that they can be carried absolutely anywhere. If you have planned a family outing for a picnic or on the road to vacation, it makes the perfect snack.

For young and old alike, the charcuterie is a real culinary institution that goes through the ages by reinventing itself and offering new flavors.

The charcuterie, the star of the aperitif

On toast, to garnish a verrine or even in mini skewers, the charcuterie lends itself to all your fantasies to delight your guests. To whet your appetite, but also to offer you the most delicious combinations gastronomic, it mingles with your aperitif ideas for a moment of conviviality and pleasure to share without moderation.