The organic country pâté, its taste assets

Country pâté remains a very popular charcuterie among the French. It is easily found on tables, especially for an aperitif. Over the centuries, many ways of declining it have been invented in order to vary the pleasures. In the Middle Ages, it was baked in a paste, hence its name. Great figures of history have associated their names with certain pâté recipes. You can now find through the Internet quality organic country pâté

Recipes for all tastes

Depending on the mood, the mood, the occasion, you can enjoy a good country pâté rich in meat on a delicious slice of country bread or a delicate mousse on a toast.The range of pâtés is endless, because the diversity of the products used is important, marinade, herbs, spices, cooking, type of chopping, fine, coarse, mixed, everything is possible.The pâté can benefit from taste dominance, old-fashioned, traditional, superior, red label, organic.The pâté can be adorned with truffles, orange, thyme, mushroom, onions, bacon bards, alcohol depending on the mood, the creativity of the chef.All these ingredients will bring a special flavor to the country pâté.

Make your organic country pâté

It is always pleasant to taste a good slice of pâté with the family, between friends. Doing it yourself is relatively easy, pork, eggs, salt, milk, flour, spices, garlic, shallot, parsley, bacon bard. We chop everything to taste, cook in a bain-marie for an hour and a half and let the pâté cool in its terrine. We can thus choose organic ingredients to achieve it. Some brands today choose quality. From pork to many ingredients, everything is organic. The animals are fed with cereals from the organic sector and without GMOs. The welfare of the animal is respected. Opt for organic pâté, it's choosing taste quality.