4 tips for cleaning the kitchen like a pro

clean kitchen

Between oil splashes, stains and other traces on the worktable and the tiles, the kitchen can quickly become dirty if it is not cleaned every day, with the right products and the right techniques. Here are some tips that will help you clean the kitchen like a pro and get rid of all the messes quickly and efficiently.

Microfiber cloths to restore shine to furniture

The worktop is the first area to clean, because it is the most used place after the sink and the hobs. To keep a clean and shiny countertop, whether it's tile or marble, just scrub it with a sponge dampened in hot, soapy water. For cleaning shiny furniture, soft microfiber cloths are perfect because they clean effectively without scratching the surface. Otherwise, a solution of a little washing up liquid and water will be perfect for restoring shine to a shiny piece of furniture that has tarnished.

Acidity against tartar formation

To clean the sink, use a natural degreaser or disinfectant such as bicarbonate, which quickly eliminates bacteria and other microbes that may lurk there. White vinegar also promises good effects, especially when paired with hot water and a little lemon. We end up with a clean rendering and shiny. To remove tartar from the faucet, it suffices to rub the parts affected by rust or tartar with a toothbrush that has been previously soaked in a solution composed of half a lemon or white vinegar diluted with a little of water. The acidity of lemon and vinegar works in the same way: it effectively removes lime deposits.

Baking soda to remove oil stains

Baking soda is the perfect ally for removing oil stains and other grime that may have stuck to the hob.You can do this by allowing the stains to dry, lightly dampening the area before applying the baking soda directly over them.For a quick effect, vigorously rub the area to be cleaned with a sponge and rinse everything with hot water.If the plates are very dirty then a solution of white vinegar and hot water should help to clean them more easily. make them shine.

Coffee grounds to get rid of bad smells

Finally, to unclog pipes and at the same time eliminate bad smells that can become annoying in the kitchen, there is nothing better than coffee grounds. To be poured into the piping to overcome the sometimes nauseating odors that push back. You can also add a solution of white vinegar and baking soda to it and let it sit for an hour before rinsing it off with hot water.