Top 10 Best Folding Barbecue 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Folding Barbecue? We wrote this Special Foldable Barbecue buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our utmost to help you choose the best Folding Barbecue!

Our selection of folding barbecue

Foldable barbecue buying guide

Fans of the outdoor kitchen swear by a collapsible barbecue. We have carried out tests and comparisons on many models offered on the market, in order to guide you to the best folding barbecue. Our Top 10 Best Folding BBQ 2018 will also be a big help in your barbecue buying process.

Buying Guide: How Do I Pick the Best Foldable BBQ?

Thinking of inviting friends over to a barbecue party in your backyard?To celebrate a special event, are you planning to organize a family outing?Or do you live in an apartment and yearn for a barbecue party on your balcony?Consider getting a collapsible barbecue and concocting the best grills, sausages or skewers to delight your guests.This equipment is easily transportable thanks to its handle, but also to its weight, which ranges from 800 g to 4 kg, depending on the model.Your folding barbecue also folds and unfolds in no time at all, while ensuring optimal stability.Find the best folding barbecue, relying on the results of our tests and comparisons.

Electric folding barbecue

If you live in an apartment and are used to having barbecue parties on your balcony, the electric folding barbecue is for you. Usually small in size, this collapsible equipment ensures optimal cooking quality. Above all, your electric barbecue protects you from the disappointments associated with charcoal, starting with the tedious task of lighting, removing the ashes, not to mention the soiling associated with the use of fuel. In other words, electric folding barbecue allows you to grill and grill sausages and skewers cleaner and faster.

Folding gas barbecue

For evenings with family or friends in the garden, opt for a folding gas barbecue. Your gas barbecue has nothing to envy to charcoal stoves when it comes to cooking grills and sausages properly. Unlike an electric folding barbecue, you are freed from the hassle of staying near a power outlet.

Folding charcoal barbecue

The practicality of a charcoal barbecue is its easy transportability. It is also lent an optimal cooking quality. You only need a small amount of charcoal to make great grilling. Your charcoal barbecue is above all much more economical than an electric barbecue or a gas barbecue.

How to choose the best collapsible barbecue?

Our tests and comparisons have also enabled us to distinguish the criteria to take into account when buying barbecue.

The cooking grid

The cooking grid is a decisive choice criterion. Opt especially for a barbecue grill in chromed steel for ease of cleaning. A steel grid also ensures worry-free use over time. The best is to set your sights on a barbecue grill adjustable in height to have free rein, in terms of cooking method. The grill adjustment is done with the handle.


To enjoy these moments of reunion with family or friends around grilled kebabs or sausages, bet on the robustness of your charcoal barbecue, your electric barbecue, or your gas barbecue. Stop your choice on a collapsible steel or stainless steel barbecue, known for its high resistance to heat and humidity. Some models from major brands like Brasero, Plancha or Weber Genesis are also embellished with a high temperature paint finish, which does not fail to give an optimal aesthetic rendering to your folding barbecue.

The cooking surface

The cooking surface should be spacious enough to grill enough kebabs or enough sausages for everyone. For a family of 3, this cooking zone should be approximately 40cm long and 30cm wide.

The size of the collapsible barbecue

A collapsible barbecue is above all minimalist in order to satisfy the desire for travel. When folded, some models take the form of a small suitcase or a simple accent chair. Your mini barbecue will then slip easily into its transport bag for ease of transport.

Barbecue accessories

Your foldable barbecue, bearing the brand names of major brands such as Brasero, Plancha or Weber Genesis, also comes with a whole set of barbecue accessories. Among them, we note for example sets of utensils such as a fire starter, roasting pan, rotisserie, or even a recuperator. With a little luck, you will even be entitled to a parasol. A small charcoal barbecue also comes with a dedicated fuel bag.

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