How to choose quality royal jelly?

Royal jelly is a natural product produced by the activity of bees.It is a substance designed to nourish the larvae and the queen.The man knew how to collect it and uses it as a food supplement.It is rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, trace elements and others.It has many benefits for the body.It helps the body fight fatigue, it boosts the immune system, etc.It is marketed in several forms.You can have it pure, in the form of capsules, capsules, ampoules.For an effective action, you must choose a quality jelly.In the rest of this article, find some criteria to choose quality.

Choose natural jelly

A good quality royal jelly can be recognized by its pearly white color, its mild and not too sweet flavor. Yellow shades indicate its degree of aging. For a jelly free of chemicals, prefer an organic royal jelly. To ensure the quality of the jelly from a composition point of view, it is wise to take locally produced jelly with optimal storage conditions, that is to say a temperature between + 2 ° and + 5 ° C in the fridge. Royal jelly can be stored for no more than eighteen months, so be sure to check the dates. Order your royal jelly, the beehive treasure. The other forms of packaging are interesting but imply mixtures.

How to properly consume royal jelly?

La gelée royale se prend sous forme de cure. La période idéale est la transition d’une saison à une autre. Pour profiter au maximum de ses bienfaits, il est donc préférable de la consommer dans sa forme la plus pure. Elle se prend à jeun de préférence le matin. Selon sa présentation, pure, en gélules, en ampoules, la cure peut varier de trente à soixante jours. En élaborant un bon plan consumption over the year, you will improve your quality of life.