Homemade donuts: how to make them successful?

Savory or sweet, filled or plain, donuts are always a big hit with gourmets. Its success depends mainly on the preparation of the dough. If you want to please your little family or your friends with home made donuts, in this article discover the secrets to making crispy or soft donuts, as you want and especially tasty as you wish.

The right liquid to use

Do you want to make soft and brioche or rather crispy and light donuts? It all depends on the liquid you are going to use. For the first case, just use lukewarm milk. To make your donuts airy and crispy, it's a good idea to make a paste with soda water or beer. You can also simply use cold water.

Oil for frying

To successfully fry your donuts, it is important to equip yourself with a quality pan or fryer. You will find the best models on https://www.expondo.fr/friteuse-professionnelle/. Besides, the secret to a successful donut depends not only on the batter, but also on the oil used for frying.

Grape seed oil or cold pressed coconut oil is ideal. In addition to virtues, they are very resistant to heat and provide a beautiful uniform gilding. Sunflower oil is also a good option. At the end of cooking, be sure to remove and drain your donuts with a skimmer. To remove excess frying oil, place them on a paper towel. If you want to sprinkle them with granulated sugar or icing sugar, wait until they cool well or you risk melting the sugar.

Yeast suitable for donuts

The type of yeast to use depends on the texture of donuts you want to achieve. If you want to make brioche donuts, it is advisable to use baker's yeast. To make the dough rise effectively, allow a longer standing time. If you want to get crispy donuts, turn to baking powder instead.

What ingredient to use to perfect the texture of the dough?

Depending on the recipes, you can add fresh cream, cheese or even butter to your donut dough. The question is: which of these ingredients to use for what? It's simple, to get more softness in your donuts, add fresh cream to your batter. If you want more airy donuts, add two or three tablespoons of cottage cheese to the original recipe.

The ideal temperature for baking donuts

To keep the outside of your donuts soft or crisp and the inside to be cooked properly, it is important that the temperature of the cooking oil is between 160 and 170 ° C. In addition, you must also take into account what you put inside your donuts: shrimp, banana, etc. Indeed, some foods require a higher or lower cooking temperature than others.