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Unpleasant and unpleasant, mice are small rodents that can do a lot of damage to your home. They attack your electrical cables, your documents, your furniture and even your clothes. Worse yet, they dig tunnels in your walls, attic, and attic, which is especially bad for your home. Moreover, if you are sensitive enough, the smells of their feces and urine can also have harmful effects on your health. Moreover, they can also carry bacteria or viruses in your household, not to mention their high reproductive capacity. For all of this, you will agree that it is essential to eliminate these harmful little beasts, and in the most effective way possible!

Thus, among the different solutions available on the market, there is the Ultrasound device which is particularly effective against mice. Also called "mouse repellent", this is an alternative non lethal as opposed to substances like poison or other deadly rodent traps. This solution is recommended for you if you are reluctant to kill the likes of Jerry, from the famous cartoon of your childhood. With this type of device, you can be sure that you no longer have to deal with this kind of rodent. However, there are a multitude of models on the market. It is then not very easy to make a choice. To help you in your quest, we have put together this guide and comparison. Our goal: to help you find the ultrasound mouse that will allow you to get rid of totally from these pests. If you are fed up with the damage caused by these little beasts, follow us, because it's gone!

What is an ultrasonic mouse repellant? And how does it work?

An ultrasound machine is a very efficient electrical device that is used as a repellent to ward off rodents. It is therefore a device employing repellent technology that emits ultrasound or ultrasonic waves and vibrations at sound frequencies exceeding 20 kHz. Some models may even have high frequencies up to 65 kHz.

Thus, this type of device is an instrument which has been designed to broadcast a kind of sonar providing extremely high pitched sounds, inaudible by men. These sounds are however perceived by the auditory system of animals such as mice and rats and are very unpleasant to them.

When it comes to operating a device like this, you need to first go through its power supply. So, make sure you have plugged in the batteries, the electrical outlet or the cables connected to a solar panel. Generally speaking, ultrasound is tuned in such a way that the human ear cannot hear the sound frequency emitted. On the other hand, all the pests in a field of action from 1 to 200 m² can pick up the waves emitted by this type of ultrasonic transmitter device. They take this as a threat, and will not dare to approach the source of the signal.

In order for the process to be effective, you will also need to ensure that no potential food sources are present in the range of the repellents. If this were to be the case, these unwanted animals would have a additional source of motivation to face the waves and thus break into your home.

What are the benefits of using an ultrasonic repellent?

Apart from the ability of an ultrasonic mouse repellent to ward off rodents without any act of cruelty, there are a number of significant advantages:

  • It is a pest control device that respects the environment while not being toxic to humans. It is also harmless to your pets.
  • He is able to scare away any other type of unwanted critters such as crawling or flying insects or other mammals (mice and rats, bedbugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, field mice, moles, bats, etc.).
  • Some electronic ultrasound devices are able to pass through walls and make communication between pests difficult. This technology will cause rodents to lose their balance by causing vibrations in their whiskers or vibrissae.
  • Combination with other devices to electromagnetic waves is possible, which provides more results. This is done by pulsing electric current. The waves created will create an uncomfortable environment, which will force them to move elsewhere.
  • It does not kill rodents, it simply repels them. This allows you to avoid odors due to the decomposition of their corpses in your home.
  • It allows you to avoid using dangerous and toxic products, that could not only harm you, but also to your pet if you have one.

What are the possible disadvantages of ultrasonic repellents?

If the effectiveness and advantages of anti-pests of this type are no longer to be proven, there are nevertheless some drawbacks. First, since we are talking about directional technology, the ultrasound emitted do not go through walls. You will therefore need to buy several to cover your entire house. However, as already introduced in the previous paragraph, some models of ultrasound device are able to do this. Concretely, the latter, which can also be qualified as seismic devices, use infrasound. Then, if you have animals such as cats or dogs, they could also be bothered by the frequencies of sounds emitted. Finally, be aware that regular and prolonged use could allow mice to become habituated to ultrasound. They could therefore no longer be disturbed by repellents.

How to choose your ultrasonic repellent?

You should know that the model to choose must first depend on the level of invasion in your house, or even in your garden. To make the right choice, it is therefore crucial to take this element into account. Also note that other criteria come into play. Among the most important are the surface to be treated, the effectiveness, the power and the type of pest repellant to use.

  • The surface to be treated
  • This is one of the most important criteria, as the number of devices to use depends on it. In this sense, be aware that only certain anti-rodent devices can pass through walls. If you go for models like this, you won't have to worry, at least when you choose enough horsepower. But, for other models, you will need to buy multiple devices for all the rooms in your house. Obviously, for a single piece a single copy will suffice. Currently, you will be able to find on the market packs consisting of several ultrasonic repellents.

  • The efficiency of the device
  • Here you will need to orient yourself to the products that provide many settings modes. Indeed, some devices only have a single setting which may not provide the desired results. Ultrasound anti pests which have many settings are more efficient, more efficient and quickly hunt mice. For example, you could opt for a model that has a motion detector that only activates when something moves in a room. At the same time, you can save the energy that powers your mouse repellent.

  • The power
  • This is an essential criterion since it mainly concerns the power and intensity of frequencies that the device emits. Moreover, this is where you will need to take into account the number and area of ??your rooms and of course, the degree of infestation. In most cases, the more powerful you choose, the faster you will scare away mice.

  • The type of repellent
  • There are two types of ultrasonic mouse repellent on the market: multidirectional and unidirectional. If you know exactly where the rodents are hiding, the one-way models are right for you. Indeed, the latter targets the mice themselves, their nests and the place where they enter. On the other hand, if you do not know where they have taken up residence, we advise you to opt for the multidirectional models. This technology will allow you to treat the entire surface of your home.

  • The price
  • Know that you will find models at very reduced prices on the market. However, these may be less effective on a limited area and without walls. You can also focus on high-end repellents using more sophisticated technologies. We can mention in particular the electromagnetic pulses or frequency sweeps among others. Of course these models are more expensive and this varies depending on the manufacturer. There are also more professional solutions that include technologies patented more advanced.

More details on the level of infestation

This is a particularly important point since the effectiveness of the device is totally conditioned. Indeed, the solutions will be more or less effective depending on a few criteria:

  • If the infestation is recent, ultrasound will have satisfactory results.
  • If the infestation is older, other techniques should be combined.
  • If the mice already have a big nest, chasing them would be particularly difficult.
  • The age of rodents also takes an important place. Be aware that the youngest generally stay in their nests, while the adults will tend to move around often. They are therefore easier to target and hunt.

The use of an ultrasonic mouse repellent

You will understand, ultrasonic repellents are among the best solutions to hunt mice, and even other types of pests. However, their effectiveness will also depend on how you use them. So let's take the time to dwell on the subject with the following paragraphs.

Control of the operation of the device

Whether you are used to this type of device or not, you should first read carefully all the information contained in the device manual. In this sense, you will have to fully familiarize yourself with the operation and take into account each of the information available to you. All this will allow you to master its use as quickly as possible. In addition, you must also remember all the safety instructions under penalty of improper handling.

The right location

Be aware that an ultrasonic repellent does not do not install anywhere. Here again, you will have to rely on the recommendations in the operating instructions. Otherwise, you can always place your device in a place where you often see the presence of these rodents. Mouse repellants should also be chosen based on the size of the room, because while others can emit over large areas, some cannot.

Place a device in every room

If you are using a model that cannot pass through walls, you will need to install in each room. Otherwise, you will still be able to move the elements that could impede the emission of ultrasonic waves. Be aware, however, that this system will not be fully effective when compared to others present in all rooms.

Check the effectiveness of your protection

In general, there should be no more rodents a few days later the start of use of the device. You will then need to have patience, because the result will not be immediate. However, if after a while you still find mice roaming your house quietly, you will need to perform a verification procedure.

To do this, you will first need to make sure that all installed devices are working properly. Thus, inspect the LED light indicating that the equipment is working, otherwise check if the device is properly connected to a power outlet (mains socket). Also, make sure to keep your clean living place, and clear out any items that may attract such animals. Once you are done, you can reinstall your device (s) in places that would allow them to be more efficient.

The repair

If you unfortunately notice that there are still no results, your rodent repellent may not be working properly. In all cases, do not try to fix it yourself otherwise you will damage it even more. Rather, turn to the professionals in the field and you will be sure to place the device in good hands.

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