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Difficult to make a choice for your new Sitram Pressure Cooker? We wrote this Sitram Pressure Cooker special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Sitram Pressure Cooker!

Our selection of sitram pressure cookers

Sitram pressure cooker buying guide

Specialist in stainless steel kitchen utensils, Sitram offers you this time the quality pressure cooker. This cooking appliance never ceases to impress the world with its latest innovative design. It is also the delight of all modern homes with its optimal practicality. Still called stainless steel pressure cooker, a Sitram pressure cooker consists of a metal container which is hermetically sealed with a special lid. This is equipped with a casserole dish which helps a lot when cooking the food. Thanks to the valve, steam release is both quick and easy when preparing food.

The Sitram brand uses cutting-edge technologies to perfect the seb pressure cooker, for example. Many people particularly appreciate this stainless steel pressure cooker because of its ability to cook dishes efficiently and easily. One thing is certain, purchasing a Sitram pressure cooker is a good investment for you. This kitchen equipment only offers you advantages, which we will see in this guide and comparison.

What is a pressure cooker in practice?

The pressure cooker or pressure cooker or pressure cooker is among the kitchen utensils the oldest which are still in use today. It was invented in 1953 by Frédéric Lescure and was launched in 1954. During that year, 130,000 copies were sold.

It comes in a round shape with tall, thick walls and a airtight cover (thanks to a seal) valve. It therefore has a pressure vessel that allows food to be cooked quickly and in a healthy way. If we compare it with a simple saucepan, for example, the latter will take 3 times more cooking time. In addition, nutrients and vitamins in food will be retained thanks to the beneficial properties of steaming or stewing.

A pressure cooker is therefore intended to be placed on a gas or electric stove and even on charcoal while your food is cooking. Induction pressure cookers are also commercially available. Its operation is based on steam pressure that heated food and the water used will produce. Once this has reached its maximum pressure, the valve will release the excess steam. Utensils of this type differ in material, design, opening system, functionality and accessories and of course, size. Some are therefore more sophisticated than others, offering more than practical functions for the user.

What are the advantages of using a pressure cooker?

There may be different reasons for using a pressure cooker for cooking your food. But one of the most important is that it allows you tosave energy. Indeed, a pressure cooker is able to cook food 2 to 5 times faster than any other utensil. The reason is that the temperature in the pot is higher than that of a normal saucepan or pot. Because of this speed, it therefore appears to be particularly economical in terms of energy. In addition, it generally does not require any electrical source.

Why the Sitram pressure cooker?

Being a versatile utensil, a Sitram pressure cooker is suitable for all hobs including induction ones. If you prefer steaming, you can choose the seb casserole dish delivered with a steamer basket. Thanks to such, the preparation is in full swing. All you have to do is put the ingredients in the basket and once the stainless steel pressure cooker is closed, a hissing sound alerts you that the steamer is starting.

A Sitram pressure cooker also helps you to discover a variety of new recipes. By comparing with other models like the Tefal pressure cooker or the Fagor pressure cooker, some Sitram brand products are able to offer up to 40 recipes. Indeed, the brand is generally committed to providing different recipe ideas to its customers using their products.

But that's not all, the innovative design of a seb pressure cooker helps keep the tastes and vitamins in the food. Also, many people particularly appreciate the large capacity of a Seb pressure cooker. Some models have a capacity of 8l, 10l and others up to 13l.

To choose the best pressure cooker from Sitram, the comparative table that we produced leads us to distinguish the following selection criteria:

How do you choose the best Sitram pressure cooker?

Determine the type of use

In order for the purchase of your casserole to be a very good investment, it is first necessary to clearly define your cooking habits. If you use induction hobs, all you have to do is opt for a stainless steel pressure cooker compatible with all hobs, including induction. The pressure cooker can be versatile for this purpose, as it is also suitable for other types of fires.

If on the other hand you are a follower of steam cooking, we advise you to use the Sitram pressure cooker delivered with a steamer basket. Thanks to this, you no longer have to acquire one elsewhere. Note that this Seb pressure cooker does not allow any other cooking method.

To find the best Sitram pressure cooker, there is nothing better than buying a cooking appliance Multifunctional. Also known as a multicooker, this kitchen equipment helps you prepare meals using a variety of cooking modes including casseroles. Other models like the rice cooker are dedicated especially to the preparation of this food.

The practical side

To choose the best Sitram pressure cooker, you have to emphasize the practicality of the model. Choose a pressure cooker that is easy to handle. To do this, find out about its opening and closing system. The lever mechanism is both safe and simple. It is the same for that with bayonet. Among the most sought-after models, the cocote that is used with one hand is very popular today.

Also prefer a Seb pressure cooker equipped with a Timer. This option accentuates its practical side. The timer allows you to set the cooking time in advance. As a result, you can take care of other things during this time without worrying. Many of the brand's casseroles have a smart timer for added convenience.

As for the cover handle, choose the type folding. With this kind of product, it is easy for you to store the pressure cooker pressure cooker in your cupboards. It takes up little space and takes up little space on your worktop.

The capacity

For a large family, it is recommended to take a large capacity stainless steel pressure cooker. With such a product, there is no need to repeatedly cook meals. Just drop all the ingredients inside and you're good to go. This idea is also ideal for homes that frequently receive large numbers of guests. For example, an 8 l or 10 l casserole dish is suitable for serving 10 people at one time.

So if your household has only 4 people, a 4 to 6 liter pressure cooker will be more than enough for you. In the event that your family counts more, you will only have to keep in mind that one person corresponds to a little more than 1 liter. So for 6 people, for example you will need a capacity of 6 to 8 liters, for 8 people, 8 to 10 liters and so on.

If, on the other hand, you work in a more professional field such as catering for example, a 20 to 40 liter casserole dish is ideal.

The material of manufacture

Besides size or capacity, it is also important to focus on the material of your pressure cooker. This criterion is crucial in particular with regard to durability, weight and of course the price. For example, several models of pressure cookers are made from aluminum. The latter have the advantage of being light while remaining very affordable in terms of price. The concern with aluminum models is that they are less durable. In addition, this fairly basic type of metal does not always provide the performance required for this type of kitchen utensil. Cooking takes longer because its heat conduction is not very efficient. If you opt for an aluminum pressure cooker, however, take one with a small capacity. Please note that this material is only compatible with a gas fire.

Other models are available in stainless steel which, as we have already said in this article, are compatible with several types of fire. It is indeed a material whose qualities of sturdiness and resistance are particularly important. In addition, it is a very good conductor of heat. Thus, the heating is very fast, which will, at the same time, guarantee a homogeneous cooking of the food.

The budget to spend

According to the Sitram pressure cookers that we have compared, the price depends above all on the functions of the model, its practicality as well as the spare parts and accessories delivered with it.If you are then looking for professional equipment for a particular use, it is advisable to prepare a substantial budget.On the other hand, if it is for purely domestic use, multiple products are available on the market.It's up to you to see what meets your expectations and your budget.Finally, the brand can also define the price of the stainless steel pressure cooker. suit all budgets.

How to clean and maintain your Sitram pressure cooker?

You now have all the keys to choose the best Sitram casserole dish. We will therefore show you how to clean and maintain this utensil. This is a very important operation after each use in order to prolong its life.

First of all, it is important to equip yourself with the following:

  • Household gloves
  • Wooden spatula
  • Non-abrasive sponge

Cleaning the inside of the pressure cooker

The inside of the pressure cooker is the most important part to clean. Indeed, depending on the meal you have prepared, this step will be more or less difficult. Know that it is possible to put your casserole dish in the dishwasher. The lid should never be put in the dishwasher. This will affect operation of the discharge rod and the valve.

You can also clean using a tablet of dishwasher detergent. To do this, add water to the bottom of the bowl. Heat it up and add the tablet. Leave the fire on for about 5 minutes, then turn off and let the solution soak for that much time. Scour the bottom with your spatula then use a non-abrasive sponge. Remember to wear your gloves during this operation.

Another tip is to use soda crystals for cleansing after a burnt meal for example. First, pour water into the bowl and scrape the bottom with your spatula, then drain the water. Then fill your pressure cooker with hot water and add the soda crystals. Leave them to act for a few minutes before rinsing thoroughly. Use your sponge to remove the remains.

Cleaning the exterior of your pressure cooker

For that, you will only have to use a oven cleaner. Spray all over and let sit for a few minutes before using a non-abrasive sponge. For the lid, use only water. Check the valve and the drain rod for any clogging. If it does, use a needle to fix it.

The interview

In addition to cleaning, a few simple steps should also be taken to optimize the life of your casserole dish and at the same time, to maintain its proper functioning.

  • Remember to change the gasket at least once a year.
  • Do not use bleach to clean a stainless steel model.
  • Regularly check that the valve is not blocked.

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