Top 10 Best Electric Slow Cooker of 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Electric Slow Cooker? We wrote this Electric slow cooker special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Electric Slow Cooker!

Our selection of electric slow cooker

Electric slow cooker buying guide

The characteristics of a slow cooker

The slow cooker is a kitchen equipment with which you can cook your favorite dishes. But for a successful simmered dish without a hitch, check out the casserole models available today. You can choose according to the size and the cooking equipment.

The dimensions

Moreover, this revolutionary cooking pot is available in 4 main sizes, ranging from 2 to 8 liters through the 4 and 6 liter models.To find your way around, count 1 liter per serving.If you live as a couple or alone, a small size will be more than enough for your stews.However, to cook certain foods like chicken, a 6 liter model is necessary.This will allow you to prepare additional portions and be able to keep a particular recipe refrigerated to reserve it in a tray and reheat it later.Ideally, a larger pot is recommended.As for the shape, the round casserole is more suitable for making soup, while the oval casserole will be perfect for simmering poultry or pork or roasting a large piece of meat.

Manufacturing materials

To cook as easily as possible and clean them without any a priori, opt for stainless kitchen utensils.Budding cooks will never be weary of a full battery to make their recipe a success.To ensure professional quality at home, check off porcelain stoneware slow cookers.Some parts are removable, storage and washing will be facilitated.Just send them to the dishwasher and then put them on a metal bench.Many models are also offered in a version with a non-stick material.In contrast, pots with an enamel interior coating will have better durability compared to those that are non-stick.As for the cover, you have the choice between stoneware and tempered glass.The advantage of the glass lid is that you can monitor cooking without having to lift the lid.Moreover, it is better to avoid models with fasteners to keep it on the container.Very often, they break and are not always repairable.Also, choose a slow cooker with insulated, wide cuffs so you don't get burned when you take it off the heat.It should also be noted that the pot and the cooker are dishwasher-safe and compatible with all hobs including induction.

The options and features of a slow cooker

With a cooker with a key-operated slow cooker function, you can test your cookbook.It should be remembered that this cook instrument will help you prepare healthy cooking for the whole family, without forgetting the consistent quality of the cooking.If your old kitchen items haven't been of much help to you, rest assured, this one will satisfy you.In this regard, knowing that it exists in a digital variant, you can program the end of cooking so that it stops without your intervention.Multifunctional piece, the digital slow cooker is programmed in 2 hour intervals.This modern cauldron will be the motif you need to get out and put into practice the culinary theories buried in your cookbooks.The manual version, on the other hand, must be stopped of your own accord.
When checking the features, be sure to choose a model equipped with a stove to keep your dishes warm and avoid waiting around to eat. But whether programmable or manual, the slow cooker offers two types of cooking: low temperature cooking at 100 ° C on the one hand and high intensity cooking at 150 ° C on the other.
Easy to use, the hi-tech pots can also be used as a pasta cooker and a container for cooking stew.
Very resistant, set to rice cooker mode to replace the rice cooker. You can also set your sights on a casserole dish fitted with a probe to check the cooking of the meats. It is therefore unnecessary to take out the spatula and oven mitt to test the degree of doneness.

The strength, reliability and price of a slow cooker

The slow cooker has an estimated lifespan of 10 to 15 years.There is no significant difference in the heating parts located in the box.You will quickly see the success of your dishes by using it the first time.The only difference between the manual and programmable model is that the latter costs a lot more.It goes without saying that it is also more practical.By investing in a good brand, you will have professional quality every day.Allow 79 euros for the purchase of a digital slow cooker with 3 liters capacity.Count 129 euros for a 6-liter model.Most cookers in this category come with a 1 to 3 year warranty.Better yet, opt for a known brand that will honor this quality.The warranty does not cover accidents such as a broken container due to a fall of course.The price of this small appliance varies between 25 and 200 euros depending on the size and the multifunction option.To make sure you don't regret your purchase, rely on the intended use, the type of dish you like to prepare and the number of covers per day.

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