Sports breakfast: the 4 tips to be on top!

Breakfast is the time of day when we need the most calories. Indeed, it conditions the rest of our day both from an energetic and intellectual point of view. And when you're an athlete, it's imperative to focus on it. In short, here are 4 tips to be on top! 

We bet on carbohydrates 

For a good dose of energy in the morning, select foods with a high glycemic index. However, it is not a question of diving into ready-made preparations such as croissants, pain au chocolat or brioches. Here, we prefer an organic diet that will act healthily on the body with a whole bunch of fibers. This is the reason why we bet on organic oatmeal, but also, wholemeal bread and fruit. 

We take protein for the muscles 

Another essential asset for a sporty breakfast is protein. So, in the morning, it is strongly recommended to consume it with, for example, eggs, chicken breast or cottage cheese. Obviously, it may sound a little harsh to some, but mixing oatmeal in cottage cheese and adding seasonal fruits will be a good start.

We don't forget the lipids 

When we talk about lipids, we are mainly talking about oilseeds in which we can find walnuts, cashews, almonds or even hazelnuts. Particularly rich in vitamins but also in omega 3 and omega 6, these are foods that allow us to fight against bad cholesterol while boosting our immune defenses. And for the athlete, this is a serious plus! 

Update on dairy products 

For a sporty breakfast, it is better to avoid the intake of dairy products. And if you can't do without it with your muesli, we prefer a vegetable drink made with almond, spelled or soy milk.