Choosing the right oven to prepare homemade pizzas

Whether you have tons of cooking experience or are a simple pizza lover, you will need a pizza oven. This equipment is practically essential to prepare delicious pizzas when you want them. However, wood, gas or electric models exist on the market.

Making the right choice is therefore crucial so that the equipment you buy meets your exact needs. Here are some tips for betting on the best pizza oven.

The criteria for choosing a pizza oven

You will understand, choosing this type of material is not done lightly. In fact, the pizza ovens available on the market differ according to their characteristics. Take a ride on Tom press to discover a wide range of models offering excellent value for money. Moreover, this site is one of the references for buying various products of very good quality, especially in the kitchen. Various other equipment is also present on this platform, such as garden equipment, among others.

Regarding the criteria, different elements must be taken into account. The first thing you will need to look at is the power of the oven. It is important to know that a pizza should not be cooked for too long. The ideal cooking time is 2 to 5 minutes in an oven heated to 350 ° C to 400 ° C. Note also that domestic ovens or conventional microwave ovens are not able to reach these temperatures.

The other main point that you should not overlook is the insulation performance of the cooking chamber. This criterion is the element which will guarantee a well distributed heat and thus constant cooking. This feature also guarantees a lower temperature of the outer walls of the oven. Heat generation is reduced, which reduces the risk of burns during its use.

The different types of pizza oven

Various types of pizza ovens exist, each has its own strengths and peculiarities.

The wood-fired pizza oven

This is the oven that will allow you to prepare a good pizza cooked over a wood fire. This cooking equipment provides intense, dry heat, due to the flames. It effectively caramelizes the sugars present on the pizza dough, which gives a unique taste with this type of cooking. However, using this type of oven requires some experience, especially with firepower, among other things.

The gas pizza oven

Operating with a bottle of butane, propane or natural gas, this type of oven does not require any preheating step. It is very easy to turn on, because all you have to do is press a button. It is still important to bet on a model of very good quality by favoring a recognized brand, because a gas smell can be felt otherwise.

The electric pizza oven

Rather intended for indoor use, the main advantage of an electric pizza oven is its compactness. To be built in or placed on a worktop, it will easily find a place in a kitchen. This type of oven is equipped with an adjustable or non-adjustable thermostat and a timer. Its use is therefore simple and particularly wide.