Which Scandinavian recipes to choose for a slimming menu?

Both very rich and tasty, Scandinavian cuisine is very popular around the world. Nordic recipes come in a multitude of flavors ranging from sweet to savory. Usually made up of fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, and seafood, they are suitable for those who love slimming menus. In fact, the Scandinavian diet promotes good health. Let's discover together some Scandinavian recipes that you can integrate into your slimming menus.

A perfect Scandinavian breakfast for slimming

There are a thousand and one Scandinavian recipes that can serve as breakfasts. Both tasty and gourmet, these recipes are suitable for all tastes. Here are some examples of recipes that can be included in your breakfast menus:

  • A natural organic yogurt or a hot drink without sugar (tea, herbal tea, coffee?);
  • A bowl of "homemade?" Muesli made from dried fruits, oatmeal nuts and sunflower seeds ?;
  • A black bread with seeds accompanied by natural cheese containing very little fat ?;
  • A handful of raspberries or blackberries?

You can also for example prepare a Nordic toast using muffins, smoked salmon, lime, cucumber, cream? You will need a variety of household appliances to be successful in your recipes. This site offers you practical tips and comparisons to choose them.

Scandinavian recipes for lunch and dinner

Dieting is about eating light. Eating light without compromising your health requires a careful choice of your slimming recipes. Here are some examples of Nordic recipes for a menu that promotes healthy weight loss:

  • The salmon steak containing steamed potato ?;
  • Homemade fruit compote without adding sugar ?;
  • Arugula salad seasoned with cold-pressed organic rapeseed oil?

To limit the risk of poisoning, it is advisable not to take this menu more than three times a week. This is because salmon meat may contain heavy metal residues that can cause certain health problems. You can also, if you prefer meat, prepare a menu consisting of:

  • From black bread to seeds ?;
  • From hare to cabbage ?;
  • Apple ?;
  • Natural organic yogurt?

Scandinavian beef stew, Swedish meatballs and salmon soup are other examples of lunch or dinner recipes. If you are a vegetarian, you will also be spoiled for choice among the various Scandinavian recipes. The tastiest and more or less easy to concoct are among others:

  • The Hasselback potato ?;
  • Vegetarian curry ?;
  • The house fruit salad ?;
  • The marinated or smoked herring salad with onions?

The preparation of all these Scandinavian recipes usually takes a maximum of one hour. The ingredients that you will have to use should be not only seasonal, but also fresh. In addition to their nutritious and delicious virtues, Nordic recipes are also economical.

Here are some examples of Scandinavian recipes that you can easily prepare at home if you want to have a slimming diet. These recipes have the advantage of being light and allow you to lose weight healthily.