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Difficult to make a choice for your new Mini Fridge? We wrote this special Mini Frigo buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 best sellers of the moment, tests, opinions... As in all our shopping guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Mini Fridge!

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Mini fridge buying guide

Consider that you are entering your small apartment for the first time. You move in and install all your furniture. At this point, you notice that something is missing in your room: a mini fridge. With or without mini-bar, you still want to have a compact device 2-in-1 like a fridge freezer or a small fridge that also makes a wine cellar.

Be aware that the mini models of refrigeration appliance are numerous as well as the brands: Klarstein, Liebherr, Dometic, Clayette, Frigidaire, EssentielB, Brandy Best, etc. And you don't want an appliance that doesn't produce the cooling you are looking for. Perhaps you also want to have a table top refrigerator that has low energy consumption. In any case, we invite you to read this guide to buying a mini fridge in this comparison.

Above all, take into account the space available for the mini fridge

There is no more practical than a top refrigerator with or without minibar, which is free standing. You can install it wherever you want with your other appliances, and why not between your washing machine and your dryer. Their sizes are almost similar and this allows you to have a certain harmony on the interior design.

But, if your small kitchen can accommodate a built-in mini fridge, do not hesitate to opt for this solution. Of course, this type of compact refrigerator often has a double leaf door opening. Consider this point before you start buying this mini built-in refrigerator.

Basically, to determine the space that will accommodate your small refrigerator, you will need to measure it. In addition, when you do, remember to allow about 7 centimeters of space between the walls and the mini fridge. The device's cooling system must have a air circulation, especially if it is a ventilated cold. This will ensure your refrigerator has good ventilation.

Consider the type of refrigerator

Since you are planning to buy a mini fridge, you need to know what types are available to help you make the right choice for your needs:

  • Thermoelectric refrigerator
  • This type of mini-fridge uses the Peltier effect. It is a reversible refrigerator which works by using a pump to transfer heat from side to side. That means you can get both hot and cold.

    Compared to compressor refrigerators, this type will work quite. The reason is that no liquid is used to keep your products fresh inside. You will only hear the sound of the fan acting as a vacuum cleaner. The noise level can generally increase on small models. The reason is that these units work harder to cope with the smaller space inside.

  • Compressor refrigerator
  • A compressor refrigerator uses heat transfer liquid displaced through tubes and coils. Based on same principle of an air conditioner, the refrigerator is cooled by a fan that blows air through the coils in the refrigerator compartment. You will get a low hum from the compressor motor which pumps the coolant. You may also hear a slight noise from the fan.

  • Absorption refrigerator
  • The principle of absorption consists of a heat source which keeps food cold. Compared to the first two types, an absorption refrigerator is perfectly silent, not to mention that its electrical consumption earns it a Class A in terms of energy efficiency class. The reason is that no engine is involved in its operation. This type is commonly used in hotel rooms. Thanks to his silent operation, it will not disturb the sleep of the customers.

Examine the refrigerator door

The door is one of the essential points to consider when buying a mini fridge. The small refrigerator should have one or more doors that provide better insulation. Thus, your device will consume less energy. When there is no proper insulation, heat slowly enters the refrigerator. This will happen especially when the ambient temperature is relatively high.

Don't neglect cleaning the mini fridge

Refrigerator shelves are generally of two types: acrylic glass shelves and metal shelves. The first is easy to clean, while the second is more complicated. The exterior material is also important when choosing a table top model that can be used as a kitchen worktop. In case you can't stand the stains, avoid stainless steel.

Take into account the capacity of the freezer

Some people think they only have the refrigerator by opting for a mini fridge. But, you have to ask yourself if you need the refrigerator alone or a model with freezer. To identify this, you will first need to list what you will frequently put in the refrigerator. Since you need a refrigerator for your small apartment, you will be tempted to opt for a low capacity model. But remember that being too small can sometimes turn out to be a bad choice.

Pay attention to the energy consumption of the mini fridge

If you are looking for a thrifty mini fridge, you must choose a Class A model. But, Class B refrigerators also consume little electricity.

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