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Difficult to make a choice for your new Kitchen Torch? We wrote this Kitchen Torch special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Kitchen Torch!

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Kitchen torch buying guide

The gas torch is a very essential little tool in everyday life, both in the kitchen and for your camping trips or your barbecue day.This tool allows you to make many impressive culinary recipes.In addition to its speed, practicality and ease of use, the gas torch offers better results and provides real cooking pleasure.If you want to buy a gas torch, know that there are many models available on the market.In order to make the best choice, you will therefore have to base yourself on very specific selection criteria.To help you, find all the information you need in our gas torch comparison and buying guide.

How does a kitchen gas torch work?

The kitchen gas torch has the same principle of operation as the torch used for welding, with a few differences. Among these differences, we can especially note the size, which is much more impressive for the welding torch.

As the kitchen gas torch is mainly used to brown your dishes such as gratins, desserts such as crèmes brûlées or certain savory dishes, to stick decorative elements in pastry ?, it is also exceptionally easy to use. For this, it has a slightly small size for a comfortable grip. It is also made up of two parts including the gas refill and the burner.

To use a kitchen gas torch, just light it with a lighter. However, it is useful to note that there are now automatic models which exempt you from the use of a flame trigger. After the tests carried out, these models are much more practical, but are also more expensive.

How to choose your kitchen gas torch?

There are different criteria to take into account when choosing the best kitchen gas torch. Keep in mind that your tool will be of use to you every day. It must therefore be efficient, secure and adapted to your needs. So before you look into the design of the tool, at least check if it has the necessary power for your daily cooking pace. To help you, here are a few points that are particularly worthy of your attention when buying your kitchen gas torch:

The power of the flame

It is the flame that is the fundamental part of a kitchen gas torch. It is this that allows you to brown your dishes, peel your peppers or light your camping and / or barbecue fires. Its power therefore matters enormously. This is what guarantees the obtaining of an optimal result.

The power of the flame of a kitchen gas torch can be judged by its level of intensity. Generally, a torch with a high flame power allows for a perfect burn, just in one pass. It allows you to save time and have nicely browned desserts in just a few seconds.

Also note that there are many kitchen gas torch models that offer functions to adjust this flame power. These variations are useful if you are a great cook who makes various rather complex cooking recipes. The kitchen tool will then allow you to have the right intensity for each type of preparation. Do not hesitate to test several models to make sure of its performance before purchasing it.

Safety standards

A kitchen, or even a welding, gas torch is a dangerous tool in unaccustomed hands. It is therefore important to choose a model that greatly minimizes the risk of burns or accidents. And don't worry, you'll be spoiled for choice!

In fact, kitchen gas torches can be accompanied by special safety locks or a flow locking system to prevent accidental ignition or even uncontrolled propagation of the flame during use.

This is a selection criterion that should not be minimized when purchasing your kitchen gas torch. A secure tool will then prevent you from burning yourself or your kitchen.

The autonomy of the tool

A kitchen gas torch has a limited lifespan, which may or may not be long depending on the model chosen. When the gas cartridge is exhausted, you will have to think about recharging it. It can be a limiting factor in your work. To avoid wasting time, it is generally advisable to choose a model that offers a high capacity cartridge. This way, you won't have to change the cartridge just in the middle of gold foiling your guests' ice cream.

So remember that the greater the capacity, the greater your comfort of use. And precisely, many models meet this criterion perfectly on the market.

And finally, design is another selection criterion which is more conditioned by your personal preferences. There is therefore no need to dwell on this point!

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