Cooking nowadays

Today's kitchen is the result of the imagination of an interior designer with an acute sense of detail and aesthetics. This is why we often speak of designer kitchens, contemporary kitchens or custom-made kitchens. They are masterpieces in terms of the arrangement of different equipment and the assembly of different materials for wall and floor coverings. This means that to have a modern kitchen, you have to fit it out or renovate it with a complete makeover.

Scandinavian cuisine, a trend from the north

The Scandinavian kitchen is a trendy kitchen model that offers an unparalleled style combining tradition and modernity. It has quite typical northern country characters. As for colour, white dominates, as it is the Nordic tone par excellence, whether for the walls or the furniture, which is usually made of painted wood. The presence of textiles is also essential, especially towels and carpets, a unique touch that characterises the Scandinavian style.

Furthermore, wood is predominant over siding and building materials. The emphasis on the rustic side is the objective in order to create a natural ambiance. However, to bring a contemporary accent to the decor, it is generally recommended to add modern materials such as metal. When installing these materials, however, remember to the safety of your children who are involved in absolutely everythingAnd to brighten up and enhance the purity of the lines, a bay window is a plus for the warm side. securing your gate with a FAAC motorizationIn the kitchen, you will be able to better enjoy the splendour offered by your kitchen, which has nothing to envy from an Ikea kitchen or any other modern kitchen.

The kitchen with central island, a must have

Cuisinella, Mobalpa, Ikea... These are all references in modern cooking. And all of them advocate the kitchen with a central island, which is very trendy nowadays. Whatever the architectural style of the house, this type of contemporary kitchen is a tailor-made kitchen that is configured to be easily accessible from the living room.

The centre island is the centrepiece of an interior if you opt for this style to give your kitchen a makeover. It is a favourite place to meet with family or friends. Whether for a convivial meal or an aperitif, it represents a way of life in its own right.

Another strong point of the kitchen island is the fact that it completely changes the traditional habits and customs in this room. It can be used to prepare dishes, but it can also be used as an office, a bar to drink a beer or even as an office.extra storage space.

In other words, the kitchen with a central island offers multiple advantages in terms of practicality, mobility, conviviality, all of which are advantages that kitchen designers attribute to this type of modern kitchen.